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El Green-Go's specials aren't the only thing that surprises people. They are now seeking to change lives beyond their enticing food.

SIP (Social Impact Project) is a cutting-edge program raising funds for at-risk youth. In collaboration with programs such as Seeds of Change, Covenant House, and North Star Behavioral Health, The SIP program aims to elevate the life of all Alaskans.

If you aren’t familiar, Alaska Seeds of Change is a vertical hydroponics greenhouse located in Anchorage. Through their greenhouse they provide supported employment, comprehensive educational and vocational services, and community-based behavioral health services to transition-age youth (16-24 years old).

Youth participate in all major aspects of running the urban agriculture business, with the opportunity to take on increasing job responsibilities and leadership roles.

What many people don’t know is that there are very few services for young adults of this age. Often these youth fall off shortly after leaving one of these programs. Seeds of Change has helped bridge this gap.

That’s where we step in.

El Green-Go’s is not your average restaurant. Sprouted from a popular food trailer, it will be expanding to it’s first (of many) restaurants this coming winter.

They are food with a conscience. They source nearly all of their food locally, putting emphasis on food sustainability and local economic stimulus. Blending techniques of savory Carolina smoking for all of their proteins, South American seasonings, and French sauces - They make mouth-watering food unlike anything Anchorage has ever seen before.

Inspired by Seeds of Change, El Green-Go’s, lead by Chef Tyler Howie and Founding Partner Crystal Moore, are creating a job funnel for local at-risk youth to be trained and employed in a nurturing environment. They have their sights on making this a national chain as well as a national program. A similar restaurant training platform (Cafe Momentum), based out of Dallas, Texas, saved the state over $19 million dollars from 2011-2018 directly and even more that is not so easily trackable. They successfully reduced the recidivism rate of the youth that went through their program from 47% to merely 15%.

The goal? Create a job force that takes pride in their work. To grow a whole new generation of hard working individuals that can spread their work ethic to those around them.

Join us to make the change.

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